Delameria - Geoff Borg
Delameria: repeating patterns that are the foundation of everything. Repeating at all scales from microscopic to cosmic, the driving forces are ever present, immutable, and self-evident. Life, the Universe, and everything is in a constant state of flux; mass and energy are never lost, only changed, relocated, redirected. Colliding continents build mountains that change the weather that reduce the rock to sand and clay, washing it into valleys and oceans to become rock that will again become mountains as the continents bump and sway. Life evolves and adapts to everchanging environments, genes awaken and mutate to revive capabilities once common in distant ancestors. The patterns repeat but the outcomes are never the same.
Travels through Iceland - Paul Watson
What can be better than setting off with a thrill of anticipation, a backpack full of camera gear, and a quest to experience and capture the wonders of nature? In May 2019 I was fortunate enough to circumnavigate Iceland by road and photograph the coastal landscape changing as the Artic Summer unfolded. The shifting weather created irregular scenes, with the atmosphere filled with rain and soft cloud or mist. The lengthening days resulted in illusory blue hours from before midnight through to two am. The resulting images capture beautiful hues of blue and purple, the soft tones of cold light, and the moody changing climate.
Infinity at the Other St Kilda - Thomas Gloyn
There is so little to distract the eyes on these vast expanses; solitary figures and insignificancy sitting on great plains of near-nothingness. Open spaces give way to darkened hollows as the walls alongside the paths close in to surround the transient light. ‘Infinity at the Other St Kilda’ is a series of minimalist landscape photographs taken along the shore line, amongst the mangroves and on the breakwater at St Kilda, South Australia.
Concrete and Clay - John King
My interest started with travel and landscape photography. In particular, I liked capturing night scenes, with manual blending of multiple exposures in Photoshop. Eventually I realized that I was often taking architectural photographs. The solitary slow measured setting up of a shoot, the meticulous perspective correction, and the attention to detail in editing the photograph, are the hallmarks of this particular obsession. It may seem to be an odd pursuit: the representation of a large three-dimensional structure in a flat still image is something of an absurdity, the design is someone else’s, and the same building has been photographed thousands of times by others in any case. There are technical challenges to master, but ultimately the image itself must become the point, and that is an exercise in line, tone, and form. I enjoy showing how built structures sculpt the space that they enclose, and how they are a part of the human world that we all share.
Fruit Splash - Alifiya Haidermota
I have always been fascinated by the way humans perceive the world around us. The mind “informs” what the eye “sees” by perceiving a series of individual elements as a whole. This is part of the Gestalt Principles devised in the 1920’s. There is also a natural compulsion to find order in disorder. I am exploring these principles and using the refraction of light through water and simple fruit as part of my photographic explorations.
Public Sculptures - Jiri Bruderhans
This photographic project was as a result of my interest in public sculptures. This led me to document “Sculptures by the Sea” (an exhibition which is held annually each summer at Brighton Beach), as well as other public installations around Adelaide. 
The objective was to provide an interpretation of the interaction of each installation to its environment and public reaction to them. 
Rather than reading plaques with sculptors’ descriptions and searching any information on the pieces, my approach was to take some test shots to formulate a strategy for my interpretation. After making a selection of sculpture pieces, I returned to these locations with appropriate equipment during various times of the day and under different weather conditions to create these images.